Emulsified Sugar Scrubs

Every one loves a really good sugar scrub. Whether its for a manicure, pedicure, or to acheive super soft skin, a sugar scrub will take you there. You can find sugar scrubs every where including right here in our shop.


So what makes a sugar scrub emulsified? Let get into it!


What Is An Emulsified Scrub?


A scrub is used to exfoiliate the skin. To exfoiliate is to remove the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin using a chemical, granular substance, or exfoliation tool. The most commonly used process is to using sugar or salt. An emulsified scrub contains what is called an emulsifier which helps to bind the sugar, oils, and water together.


Emulsified scrubs have a smooth consistency, almost similar to a cream. It is very easy to spread.


What is an emulsifier?


An emulsifier is an ingredient used in your formulation which helps to mix ingredients that wouldn’t normally mix. For example oil and water. Typically when added together the oil floats on top of the water. When an emulsifier is added, it allows for uncommon ingredients to bind into each other.



A Few Commonly Used Emulsifiers

Stearyl Alcohol

Emulsifying Wax

Stearic Acid


Cetearyl Alcohol

Polysorbate 80

Polysorbate 20

Cetyl Alcohol



Anhydrous vs Hydrous Scrub


Anhydrous means without water. Therefore any product that doesn’t contain water is anhydrous. Hydrous is the exact opposite. A product in which has water as an ingredient. Any product that includes water must have an added preservative. A preservative keeps the product from growing bacteria, yeast, and mold. It also prolongs the shelf life of the product. (Keep in mind that your product will last as long as the shelf life of the ingredients used!) All of our scrubs contain water and a broad spectrum preservative.


How Did We Begin Formulating Scrubs?


To be honest, I’m not even sure I should call it formulating. Our previous scrubs didn’t Include water. It simply had only sugar, oils of choice, and preservative. We never even added an emulsifying. I know. Unbelievable right?


Our scrubs gave a new meaning to use caution when applying in shower. If not careful you could slip and slide everywhere. The scrub itself had to be mixed before each use as well. Wheeewww. Gone are those days.


How Many Scrubs Do We Currently Offer?


We currently offer 5 emulsified scrubs. We use mostly scrub and there is one scrub that is a mixture of sugar and salt. I try my hardest to match seasons but I’m horrible at doing so. Every few months we change the fragrances and try to added new formulations that target specific problem areas. This is an ongoing work in progress lol.



Current Emulsified Scrubs Available To Date

Pomegranate Elixir

Turmeric Honey Ginger

Charcoal Coffee Clay



In Closing


Emulsified Sugar Scrubs can be beneficial to any skin type. It is recommended to use 1-3 times per week. The sugar or salt scrub can be abrasive on skin and isn’t recommended to use more than this (Me personally I use twice per week. The face scrub I use twice per month). Always be sure to follow up using a moisturizer whether it’s an oil or creeam. And please please please please stop asking for a creators recipe. I can’t say it enough. It‘s a little rude to ask for someone’s recipe. PLease formulate your own and do as much research and testing as possible.

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