Welcome To My Journey As CEO of Cincere Vibez LLC

Welcome To My Journey As CEO of Cincere Vibez LLC

Hi Fam! My name is Taniesha and I am the CEO of Cincere Vibez LLC

This is my first blog post so ladies and gentlemen, please be patient with me. I have no idea what I’m doing but that isn’t going to stop me from moving forward with this post lol. A little about me. I love to write and even wrote my first book back in 2017. I took it down from all platforms to rewrite it and write the second installment. To date I have written 10 short stories and two novels. I have published none but I am in the process of doing so. This should be a walk in the park huh? Tell that to my heart that’s beating entirely too fast while writing this very statement. I am a mother to four, I work full time, and I have finally started my dream of becoming a business owner. Enough of that, let’s dive in.

How did it begin?


I started this journey in 2019. I was originally known as Infinite Creative Creations. I changed my name to Cincere Vibez because I am very sincere and we are a vibe. If you know you know. If you don’t know you’re missing out lol. When I first started I wasn’t as consistent as I am today, nor did I have the same plans as I do today. So much has changed. It began with me always wanting an online clothing store. So I went and registered my business name, got all the legal stuff out of the way, and began to look for merchandise to offer. Where was I to look? I had no resources, no one was willing to share secrets on where to find vendors, or anything else for that matter. I had nothing! A year went by and I still had nothing or no help. If you’re thinking I gave up, you’re absolutely right. I was so frustrated I let everything go. Then around March 2019, I started making notebooks and planners. This was also a longtime dream of having a stationary line. Even though it didn’t look like how I wanted it too, when school kicked in, I had a lot of orders and support. Once school was in session, the orders slowed to a complete stop.


What happened next?


I then moved on to making bangles/bracelets. This was okay but not really my ultimate goal. It did keep me busy while I was at work though. The next thing I learned was Satin Bonnets. This was awesome. I could make pretty head gear that the stores didn’t have and not look like everyone else. This I liked but needed to have more than one product in order to have a dream of an online store. I started getting into making candles and wax melts. This didn’t match the hair care gear but it was fun nonetheless. Next came soaps and lip glosses. Now I had enough items for a decent online store. a little bit of everything.

Eventually, you start to weed out what doesn’t sell and keep what sells. Get rid of the things that are a pain to make and keep the things you love instead. Also, you learn to make things match versus selling a lot of random items and calling it a business. I joined facebook groups to learn and see how things were made. Some would post their recipes. I would play around with their recipes just to see if I could make my products look like theirs. Guess what? I could. My products matched what I saw. I then learned how to formulate my own recipes by watching different YouTube videos. I figured out what ingredients I wanted to use and began to formulate them. No more using free recipes, I now had my own. It’s not cool to capitalize off someone’s recipes. Once I formulated my own, it was a wrap. I don’t post my recipes but I do post my ingredients on my labels. Per FDA’s requirements the ingredients must listed as well specification of what the product is.


What’s happening currently?


Currently, I create natural soaps, body oils, emulsified sugar scrubs, hair conditioning cream, shampoo bars, body creams, candles, and wax melts. I know it’s still a lot of products but I love it. All products are created using natural ingredients keeping each product as natural as possible. Business is still slow but it allows me to shape my business the way I want. The feedback from everyone has been amazing during this journey. Mostly from family and friends who tell me the truth no matter what. If it’s trash they tell me. If it’s a goldmine they tell me. I appreciate that because without the feedback my work wouldn’t improve. Those who have been around from the beginning they know. My work literally looks like art compared to the beginning when I started.

I have officially made the switch from Wix to Shopify and I’m ready to see where this move takes me.

What am I trying to say?


Keep moving forward no matter how rough it gets. Take all that negative energy and use it to pave your way to success. Someone may do it better than me but I can guarantee you it won’t stop my grind. I have tried several different things prior to finding my true passion. Keep pushing sista’s and brotha’s. Your future begins with you. Creating generational wealth for your children or family should be your goal. It ain’t for everybody. It’s definitely not for the weak. I put one foot in front of the other and haven’t looked back. It’s been the best decision I have possibly ever made. Now three years into this, my business is beginning to blossom. Opportunities are available that I didn’t know I could take. With that being said, if you haven’t shopped before what’s stopping you?

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