What is our most purchased and reviewed bar?

Kanya Yoni is our #1 best selling yoni bar from our yoni collection. This bar is also our most reviewed bar that we have. It is created using a herbal infusion. It has no added fragrance and can be used from head to toe.


Why choose our yoni bar?

I know exactly what you’re thinking. You’re wondering if this bar really works right? Or maybe you’re wondering if this is a true yoni bar? I get it. Everyone is skeptical at first. That’s exactly why I recommend you try before you buy. Test, test, test your product. A true yoni bar has no added fragrance. your fragrance should only come from the ingredients unused within the bar.


Our Yoni collection is cruelty free!

None of our products are animal tested! Our products are tested by our loyal testers and reviewed by our customers. We try to keep all our products as natural as possible.


Pros vs Cons


There will be pros and cons to every product. Whether its a commercial product or a natural product.


Pros- This bar has been known to reduce your menstrual cycle days, lighten your flow, reduce cramping, prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs, assist with BV, and reduces odor. This bar is amazing. I personally use this bar and it does truly work. You must be consistent in order to see results!


Cons- Not everyone will have the same result! This bar isn’t fragranced! Using other PH balanced products while using this bar could throw off your ph balance!





Are you willing to try this bar?


This bar is changing the way women care for there bodies. This is a holistic way of caring for your body. If its not something you believe in, then this bar isn’t for you! It doesn’t have to be tested by a doctor or approved by a doctor in order for it to work. If you try it and it works stick with it. I live by this bar and so do many others.


I hope to one day get this bar approved by the FDA. That’s how much I believe and trust this bar. There hasn‘t been one person to come and say it doesn’t work. This herbal infused bar can truly help. Kanya Yoni isn’t our best seller for no reason. You can shop this bar and more using our website at www.cincerevibez.com.

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