What’s the difference between Lotion, Body Butter, and Body Cream?

My unpopular opinion on how to determine which skincare product is better for you.


Do you know the difference between lotion, body butter, and body cream? A pet peeve of mine is when customers say “I wan’t to purchase your body butters” when in reality i make body cream. Or the occasional “how can i purchase one of your lotions” when that creator makes body butter and not lotions.


I’m hoping this will give you a little insight behind the madness.


How Can You Tell The Difference Between The 3?


Easy question right? Well technically not really.


A body butter consists of butter and oils. and no not the butter you cook with lol. an example would be Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, or mango Butter to name the most common. Body butters typically use a powder such as arrow root to lessen the amount of left over oils on the skin.


A body cream has the exact same ingredients but also has water introduced into the recipe. This is a thicker version of what we refer to as lotion. Since body cream has water in its recipe, a preservative must be included in your recipe. You must also include an emulsifying which helps to mix the water, oils, and butter together without separation.


A lotion consists of everything in body cream and body butter. The only difference is lotions are typically made using mostly water in its recipe. Lotions must also use an emulsifier and preservation because it also has water in it.


Which One Is Better?


In all honesty, to each its own.


Body butters are what someone should choose. Why? It’s because it’s only made of butter and oils. There is nothing else added aside from these to things. I bet your wondering now why do I not like body butters? Why do I make body versus body butter if body butter is the more logical choice to choose of the three. The answer is simple. Body butters are extremely greasy. Even with the added benefit of powders being added to reduce the greasy affect, it leaves me a bit too oily for my comfort. Again to each it’s own.


I choose to make and use body cream because it has the same nutrients as a body butter does. The only difference is you have to add water and a preservative you your recipe. I doing so water can cause your product to mold after a certain time. The preservative stops the product from spoiling. I choose the most naturalist ingredients possible. The most common preservative and what I use is Optiphen Plus. It’s a globally known preservative and less harsh than other preservatives on the market.


Lotions on the other hand, do not last long on your skin because it contains mostly water. Both body creams and body butter last longer. Lotions are very popular due to having a variety of fragrances and they tend to cost less than the other two options.



What Is My Number 1 Choice?


If you haven’t noticed by now, my choice would be body creams. Hence the ones created by yours truly specifically. I create non-greasy, long lasting, amazing smelling, moisturizing body creams. I know exactly what’s in my product. I know the quality of my product. Not trying to gas my head up or nothing but people love my body creams. Ok well gassing my head up just a little. My customers have told me time and time again they love the product. They even offer ideas what fragrances I should create.


How Do You Use It?


There is no such thing as a crazy question or a question that shouldn’t be asked. In fact, my mom used to hate when I started asking questions. They were never ending lol. They are no instructions needed to use this product. It works just like regular lotion. Body cream works best when applied right after you shower. While still damp, apply the body cream. It will penetrate the skin better using this method. It is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling soft to touch.



Have You Chosen Which Is Right For You?


In the end, it matters which one you choose but it doesn’t. All three forms are created with the intent to moisturize your skin. Most body butters and body creams have healing properties based off ingredients used, but that is also dependent on who made that product. Be aware of commercial scale products because some of them have harmful ingredients. So whether you want to be extra greasy, applying lotion every five minutes, or perfectly moisturized, choose which is right for you and label them correctly.

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