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Cincere Vibez LLC

Blood Orange & Goji Berries: Soy Candle

Blood Orange & Goji Berries: Soy Candle

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Blood Orange & Goji Berries is a perfect marriage between fruit and citrus. The fruit tames the deep blood orange, giving you an exotic tropical delight! Here’s to exotic notes of Blood Orange, Fruit, Citrus, & Goji Berries.

Note: It is recommened to burn your candle in 4hr intervals. Be sure to place your candle in an area free from debris to prevent fire. Place onto a heat resistant surface and avoid any drafts. Do not leave your candle unattened or burning over night! Keep out of reach of children and pets! Always let wax melt until a full melt pool have been reached before blowing it out. Trim your wick before relighting to avoid "mushrooming" or "dancing flames".

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