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Cincere Vibez LLC

Double Fudge Cocoa Wax Melt

Double Fudge Cocoa Wax Melt

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Double Fudge Cocoa foodie wax melt will have you craving chocolate beyond your wildest imagination. Enjoy the aroma of warm hot chocolate with a melted marshmallow topping. An enticing scent that will have you craving more.

NOTE: Our wax melts are created using a blend of coconut soy wax mixed with pillar & votive wax. Each fragrance is poured at the highest percentage for your benefit.

Note: Our wax melts can lasts up to two weeks before needing to be changed. When changing your wax, it can be popped out while solid or pour out while in liquid form. Wax will harden once cooled. Smaller warmers will only hold a few pieces at a time. Dispose in trash. DO NOT PUT IN THE SINK/TOILET!!

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