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Cincere Vibez LLC

You’re Baking My Day: Soy Candle

You’re Baking My Day: Soy Candle

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You're Baking My Day has light yellow base, one cotton wick, and is highly scented. Lighting this candle will have you thinking you've landed in a bakery shop with all your favorite sweets, when in reality you'll be in the comfort of your own home burning your new favorite candle. This candle is giving you decadent notes of Sugar, Lemon, Orange, Butter, Bakery Batter, Coconut, & Vanilla

Note: It is recommened to burn your candle in 4hr intervals. Be sure to place your candle in an area free from debris to prevent fire. Place onto a heat resistant surface and avoid any drafts. Do not leave your candle unattened or burning over night! Keep out of reach of children and pets! Always let wax melt until a full melt pool have been reached before blowing it out. Trim your wick before relighting to avoid "mushrooming" or "dancing flames".

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